Samuel Danang Istitoro

Samuel Danang Istitoro


Danang is extremely passionate about developing people and believes that every individual has a great inner potential which once identified can be unleashed to enable people to live their lives to their fullest. This inner potential is only discoverable when a person is able to identify their life priorities.

He has over 18 years experience in banking, market research, information technology and quality improvement. He was the Head of Learning for a large multi-national company as well as a member of the Regional Learning Management team, providing learning activities to more than 3,000 employees. He was also responsible for the Development Strategy and Learning Solutions for the employees.

He is a Black Belt Six Sigma professional, and certiifed in area for Emotional Intelligence, DISC and NLP Business Practioner. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Statistics and holds an MBA degree with an advance certificate in Operations Management.

He has designed and facilitated various strategic meeting, and training workshops for clients. Those clients ranged across a variety of industries, namely plantation, mining, banking, hotel, pharmaceutical, insurance, multi finance, magazine and architecture.

In the past few years, he has been active in providing coaching and counselling for individuals and couples both professionally and pro-bono.

Soni Wibisono

Soni Wibisono


Soni has a lot of energy as a result he’s a very dynamic and risk taker person.   He has a very strong expertise in credit.  He makes learning credit area becoming interactive and fun so that credit becomes so easy to be digest and make sense from current loan to non-performing loan.

He has more than 18 years experience in banking industry. He was the national head for commercial banking, who responsible for funding, lending and operational. Currently, he is also a founder and owner of business in area of property, mining and transportation. This combination as professional banker and business owner has created a unique strength for him as he is practicing himself in real business world.

He believes that people skills contributed 85% to become successful as professional and also as entrepreneur.

He is certified facilitator from DDI, and also certified on risk management level 4. He graduated with bachelor degree in economic and master degree in finance from The Asian Institute Management, Philippine.

He has designed and facilitated training and workshop in area of credit and leadership for various clients ranging from banking, government, multinational company, pharmaceutical and technology.

He is also playing a significant role in organization such as JK Owners Indonesia (JKOI) as Vice President and Harley Owners Group (HOG) Jakarta Chapter as safety officer/road captain. He believes on work-life balance in life so that human potential will be optimized.

Bintarti Widayanti

Bintarti Widayanti


Anti is naturally a logical and analytical person. She is a very determined person yet spiritual in her inner life, as she believes that “nothing in life is coincidence”. She is very passionate in learning and developing others.

Anti has a 21 years experience in various functions in the banking industry, ranging from custody operation, information technology, risk management and banking operation.

Her career journey in addressing issues with people nurtured Anti’s passion for coaching and development. Her firm belief that every individual is gifted with potentials within, waiting to be uncovered and maximized, combined with Descrates’ “cogito ergo sum” are two values that has led her to exciting diverse projects involving communication, change management, youth development, culture transformation, service and people development throughout Indonesia, ranging from Sumatera island to Papua.

In the last couple of years, Anti has worked with many outstanding consultants in designing, managing and delivering soft skill development programs including leadership, management, communication, corporate values, service awareness for multinational and local companies from various industries such as mining, banking, power supply, government institution, restaurant, oil and gas, consumer goods and Manufacturing.

Anti graduated from University of Lampung Indonesia, with a bachelor degree majoring in Social Economics of Agriculture. She is certified in behavior analysis, graphologist analysis, IT IL Service management, risk management (BSMR level 4).

She consistently lives her motto “To be of value to others is the best a person can be”

Hardy Ong

Hardy Ong


Hardy believes that every human being has a unique talent and needs to be unleashed, so that they can live at their fullest.

He has more than 30 years experience in human capital management and held for more than 10 years experience in senior leadership positions in various companies. He was responsible in forming human capital strategies both talent management, organisation development, development and HR operation.

He has worked for a professional training consultancy company providing human resources, training workshops, competency profiling, coaching and facilitation services for 20 years. Those clients ranged across a variety of industries, namely plantation, mining, manifacture, banking, and hotel.

His unique strength has been developed thru combination managing senior positions, owner for a private owned company and also facilitation experience particularly for executive level.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering and holds an MBA degree. He is a certified DDI facilitator, Dimension Analysit, DISC and Ericksonian coaching.

Ary Setiawan

Ary Setiawan


Ary is passionate on collection and training. He believes that collection can be done in a noble way while maintaining high productivity. He has a vast experience in collection and was progressing from below to management level. He’s one of the best collector in collection areas ranging from frontline – midrange – hardcore and recovery. As part of management team, he’s a person who knows to handle all the back-doors and how to enhance skills of collectors.

He has over 17 years experience in banking. He was handling all collection training not only in Indonesia but also supporting other countries in South East Asia.

As a professional facilitator, Ary is focuing in area of risk, particularly collection and risk management for banking /financial industry. He’s handling various clients from a big multinational bank, local bank and BPRs.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Economic and certified for BSMR level 2.

In the past few years, Ary has been actively pursuing his unique hobby on ”old train miniature” to maintain his work-life balance.

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