Recently I relearn the important of STOP tool. It’s easy to say but it’s one of difficult task to be done, particularly when we are in the momentum of “something”, such as work, emotion, buying and etc.

Being in the momentum of something means we are in “reactive mode”. Sometimes, our mind could not stop thinking or visualizing something when we are in the momentum. The ability to stop is giving us “space” to choose our action consciously.

Learning how to stop for even only 1-2 minutes at irregular time when we are in the momentum of something, will bring a lot of benefit for us, such as our awareness will be expand, more refreshing, have a better control, have a clearer mind and etc.

The ability to stop is as important as the ability to gear up. Having the ability to stop will leverage our skill in “Impulse control” scale.

Honestly this is one of my hardest experience to be able to stop on something. STOP and you will have a better START.

Reference: The Inner Game of the WORK by Timothy Gallway and TheEQEdge by Steven J. Stein.