Some indicators that we need to STOP:

  1. When we have feeling that working is not fun anymore
  2. When “Have to” feeling is overcoming “Want To”
  3. Miscommunication has occurred frequently
  4. Repeated mistakes has occured
  5. Need for change
  6. Rushing from time to time and no time for rest
  7. About to explode or outburst
  8. Bored for routine activity
  9. Restless for “brain keep working”
  10. No purpose or direction to go.

The above indicators have not covered all. You might find other indicators. And the best person to know time to STOP is ourselves.
Once we suppressed our signal will lead us to destruction in the longer time and even short time depending the critical level of our situation.

When we’re stressed out, first step is to STOP, for stress will not bring any positive impact. And even it will stimulate disease – starting from anxiety to terminal illness.

When we forget to STOP, please remember it will cost you more. 2 minutes of STOP will bring millions benefits for us.